Happy Last Bag day!

From the mentors at 1646, happy last bag day!
#Build Simple, Bag Early, and get Milkshakes


Bagged at 5 minutes before the deadline… does that count as early?


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag…


Bag day will die two deaths, like everything. The first was an hour and a half ago, but the second won’t be for quite a while. Bag day will live on in the hearts and minds of the mentors and students who remember the rush, the final weigh-in, deciding what to keep in withholding. The memory of bag day will always be bittersweet. But today FRC moves on to a better place. Today is the start of a new age, an age where every team can build more, practice more, iterate more, program more. But, bag day embodied the program. The pitch was always “Six weeks to build a robot.” Although we started lying to ourselves many years ago about that, it drew in many students, sponsors, mentors, and fans.

I’m excited to see how FRC is defined in the future. But never forget where you came from.


Described our night perfectly: Pre-inspection at B-1 hour, Teardown and organized chaos at B-40 minutes, callouts every 10 minutes from B-30 to B-10. Bag at B-5, with one final part hot off the printer landing in there for later use…

However: I cannot forget where I came from. Where I came from, we put the robot in a crate and shipped it away.

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Once i learned that there wasn’t going to be a bag day I was very excited, but now I wish it was still in place. Yesterday was very fun.

Ooooooh :roll_eyes: :smirk:
And just like that 5980 has begun construction of your robot… See you in a few weeks :wink:

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