Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Well, 2004 is just around corner. I wish everyone has a safe and wonderful new year’s eve

2003 was a dark year, with all the events happened (SARS, war, black out). Do you guys see light at the end of dark tunnel? I do.

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

I to would like to wish everyone a happy new year… even though our new year does not start till the 10th of January (I have my clock set)

-Greg The Great

What’s everyone doing tonight??

Did someone say DDR Lock-in? :smiley:

California wild fires, Iran Quake, Beagle 2 not working, etc. 2004 will be better though.

the shuttle columbia Disaster. This year will be better hopefully get anohter shuttle into space this year. I graduate this year yay. ANd this years robotics i cant wait jan 10

Oops, I forgot about that :smiley:

Wasn’t it this year that the Segway was recalled? What else happened this year?

(Lets make a year in review.)

In my friend’s profile, a look towards next year:

“When I was a boy, I was told that anybody could become president. I’m beginning to believe it.”
-Clarence Darrow


Bring on 2004, I’m in great need of getting out of this year!!!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Im the FIRST one to legally post in the happy new year thread in 2004. The rest of you are cheaters :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess this would make me the second (even though im off by an hour)

happy new year everyone!!!

2004 will definitely be an awesome year …

You guys are crazy (sarcastic)…

You guys are celebrating early… I have 9 Days 23 Hours and 40 Minutes till my new year. :yikes:

-Greg The Great

Just rang in the new year TechnoKat style!! :smiley:


true that… it feels like it gonna be another year till the kickoff day comes…


What’s everyone doing tonight??

Did someone say DDR Lock-in?

Actually i had one, we were up at 2am playing ddr
but we’re all pretty much dead today… :stuck_out_tongue:
oh well it was fun
oh n’ happy new year (like it hasn’t already been stated)

~Happy New Year Everyone!!!~

But we all know that New Year's means 10 Days until kickoff!!!!!   :D

Yes, Feliz año Nuevo to all :cool:

Feliz Año Nuevo Ricky, ask your Spanish teacher what the other one means… (you can copy and paste from a translation site if your computer doesn’t have the button)

no … see thats when my life officially comes to an end for 6 weeks …

hahahahahaha … huge difference between the two!!!

Haha, glad you caught that, don’t worry I took 4 years of Spanish and i am half Mexican, I know what it means, I always forget that darn ~ even though there is even one in my last name.