The Pink Team would like to proudly announce the proclamation of May 17th as Pink Team Day in the City of Cocoa Beach!



congratulations on your new day.


Way cool! Congrats! :cool:


I’ll be sure to bake a pink cake :wink: lol

And Pink cupcakes. And Pink Jello. Is there a Pink parade?


Your mayor is named Skip?

Your mayor is named Skip?

What do you expect when a bunch of surf bums elect a mayor? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. I will however always remember this as AP world history test day. Pity the two had to coincide. Gratz on having your own day.

You couldn’t have told us any earlier huh? I’ve barely got time to celebrate properly! Congrats

haha me 2
But Happy pink day! Thats sweet your team got a holiday

a parade…not a bad idea:yikes:

a ROBOT parade !

Wow, great job guys Congrats and Happy team PINK DAY!

Happy Pink Day!

Too bad you couldn’t get it March 23, that way in European Notation (Day/Month/Year) it would of been 23/3. But hey, I’m pretty sure your the first team to ever get their own date!

Not quite. (And I’m guessing they weren’t the first, either.)

Holy cow!

I can’t believe you’ve done such an amazing work in your city that you were actually able to create a DAY for your team!!!

This has to be one of the greatest acheivments for a team to make.

Congratz 223 and Happy Pink Team Day! :smiley:

Pink, you guys (and gals) are awesome! I hope it was fun, and I can’t wait to talk to you guys at IRI about Pink Day!

Very cool. Or should say very Pink.

On behalf of Team 744 Shark Attack- Congrats to everyone on Team 233 and good luck in the future.

So I think that we should add these dates to the CD events calender
March 6th is Miracle Workerz Day in the State of Delaware.
May 9th Team 987

And now of course May 17th Team PINK day!