Happy Ship Day

Happy Ship Day to all.

What a build season. Are you glad it’s over?
I am. Way too much fun for me.

Are you celebrating?
Sushi :smiley:

Well at least wishing you an unstressful shipping day…

It’s over? I’m still at our shop! :ahh:

I’ll celebrate after I sleep for a week.

I wish I could celebrate by sleeping instead of going to school. Only got 4 hours of sleep.

I don’t know what im gonna do with my sudden increase in free time either, lol…besides use it for sleep today. :cool:

Its funny because i guess i was so nervous last night that i couldnt sleep. i only got about an hour of sleep. Well good morning to all.

Snood got shipped a few hours ago, mmm finally, it’s over, I can’t believe im gonna sleep a full night, wake up, go to school (!), and after that I can do whatever I want…
cartoon network, HERE I COME!

It’s over? I couldn’t tell! Still working! O__O <~eyes wide from sleep deprivation

Hope everyone finished at least a good portion of their bots!
See you guys in a week!

Celebrating the same way that I celebrated New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day… Sleeping.

wow. well yes happy ship day… i bet the other half of my team is in the shop. i left around maybe 2am so hopefully when i go back they all won’t be asleep on the cold, hard, and greasy floor.

Ship day is a sweet and sour day. You’re happy to see your robot ship, but then you start going through robot withdrawl

Today on our ship day we have to exchange a part of our hopper, and get a little extra practice in. I am happy because i am the only student coming and i will be able to drive and get mor practice before Great Lakes. Only our 2nd robot that has been underweight in the last four years. Cant wait till the Regionals and see Big Mo and all the other robots :smiley:

How do i celebrate ship day do you ask?..I go to work :cool:

I’m sure that most of the celebrating will be done by the spouses (plural: spice?) of the mentors, teachers, and sponsors.

We were booted out of our shop last night at 10 PM. I hope we packed it well enough…

I almost forgot. Happy shipping day everyone! Now brush up your skills for next year’s game while you think about this year’s game. o_o

All I can do is watch our crated robot sit outside in the cold before it gets wisked away to a magical storage warehouse somewhere…

Maybe I should bring it a blanket…

Proper method of celebrating Ship Day:

  1. Find a designated driver. At this point most of you are so delerious from sleep deprivation I don’t want you behind the wheel.

  2. Go home. Not the shop. This is the place where you keep your stuff.

  3. Shower. This is probably really necessary for most of you right now cause you’re a little ripe from being the the shop for 3 days.

  4. Sleep! Climb in bed and recover. Your going to need to be ready for the lack of sleep when regionals start in 2 weeks.

Happy ship day to all!


How are we going to celebrate?

Well, let me just say that the legal age here in Quebec is 18, and leave it at that.

Happy Ship Day!

man we are just sitting here waitin for fedx so it is a happy ship day we arent hustling to get done and plus we are in michigan and it is a pretty nice day out today and there was no school so it is better than last year when we had like 6 inches of snow it is about 35 to 40 degrees and sunny that is nice compared to 7 and 13 the last couple of days :slight_smile:

The shipping folks gave us a wide window for pickup of our robot… 9am-5pm. So all the other mentors are taking shifts awaiting pickup.

Not me! I celebrate the end of build season by getting sick! Ugh! :eek:

since our shop is located in the high school we’ve had to work with the school’s hours… last night we could only go till 4 but we somehow stayed till 5 anyway :wink:
today we got to the school early and and worked non-stop till we saw it was already 11:30 :yikes:
a senior from our team was supposed to leave the school with the robot by 12 to bring it to a warehouse (we desided to bring it ourselves instead of having FedEx do it so we’d have more time) so we quickly brought the robot up to the scale and were happy to see that we had shed the extra weight that we needed to and had brought it down to 119.5 lbs :smiley:
now that the robot is gone we are realizing that the trenton regional is next week :ahh:
time sure flies when your building a robot :slight_smile:
happy ship day everyone!