Happy Ship Day

I want to wish everyone a Happy Ship Day.

We actually made it through another build season and can get some down time. I enjoy spending the six weeks with you all and I look forward to seeing you at the competitions.

Good Luck to All

I hope everyone enjoyed a fun and successful build season. I hope everyone competes well at your various regionals and hope to see you at Championship.

The only thing happy about ship day is the promise of sleep coming soon…what a build season.

Good luck to all, and see you when I wake up for the competitions!

After largely finishing up the robot last night, 1618’s taking a week off before starting plans for Palmetto on Monday. Time to catch back up with the rest of the world, I suppose.

Well we’re taking wednesday, thursday, friday off. But then… back to work. :yikes:

Spare parts to make, situations to prepare for, just-in-case plan b’s and c’s to write, etc.

We’ll be seeing you all at purdue! :cool:


Congratulations in what you have all done over the past 6+ weeks!

Savor the moment,
enjoy the photos and video of those memories,
and get ready to (graciously) rumble!

Lay off the Mountain Dew (and other high powered caffeine drinks)for a few days so you can get some much needed rest! :smiley:

Good luck to everyone at the upcoming competitions!

I’m happy to see this year’s go more than any other. A few afternoons to rest, then tinker, prepare and plan

In addition to happy ship day, I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Packi Day! I think we’re all about as happy as we’re going to get this year, I know this was a supertough build season for us and I’m kinda glad it’s over. Off to regionals!

break!?!? what is this break you speak of, <climbs in crate with robot, tools and two weeks worth of snack food> theres work to be done!!! Cya at the regionals.

Don’t forget that wifi enabled laptop with extra batteries to stay informed of changes in rules between now and your first regional. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Our robot has to be crated up in T minus 1 hour and 41 minutes, and it’s still in the welding booth!:ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

I think our robot has been picked up by Fed-Ex already, I can’t see the crate on the webcam…this makes me wish we built at our school so I could go check for myself.

thanks. We are so relived that it is finally ship day. we think that we have everything done and we are pretty confident it works. :slight_smile:

hahahaha…erm well se did have everything set a while ago…yesterday and the day before were just drive days and programming…fine tuning and stuff.

What a nice greeting, thank you John.

As the shavings settle, it’s just about time to remember that we have lives to return to, families who support us but have missed us, socializing to catch up on, and a nice walk outside, weather permitting.


Build season went by really quickly this year, so i can’t wait for the regionals.

HAPPY SHIP DAY EVERYONE!!! unfornatly for us, we hit a problem last night, in which we broke our claw (video will be up as soon as I get ahold of it) but we are quite happy for the rest as well. Hope everyone had a great build season and good luck to everyone at there regionals!!! 30 days and counting for us!

TGISD!!! I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see it go as I was this year:ahh: I hope everybody had a safe build. Nobody needs an accident like we did last year. I hope all of you including me get lots of sleep tonight and for at least 24 hours not think about the lists of things left to do.:smiley:

Metal In Motion - Team 343 - happily announces that it shipped Andre’ today in a plain vanilla wrapper (white box.) It was bittersweet to see the shipping date come, but sometimes you just “gotta go” with “what cha got.”
Good luck to everyone this year. There are pictures of the send-off at www.metalinmotion.com.:stuck_out_tongue:

:ahh: robot shipped:ahh: :stuck_out_tongue: