Happy Thanksgiving all you Robotics Addicts!!!

If you are reading this, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

If you are reading this on Nov. 24th, 2016, I know you are as big a Robotics Addict as I am! So, Welcome!!

Please sign in with a simple, or extensive post. We are all one big happy family.
The Robotics Addict Family:
Bill Kendall

I hope everyone has the kind of Thanksgiving that they desire.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

FRC Addict and proud! Happy Thanksgiving!

and to all our friends outside of the USA, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

our family has no borders…

I’ll be working on my Fantasy FIRST pick list after a family thanksgiving… the addiction never stops!

Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

-Another FRC and Chief Delphi addict

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

-Some Robotics Addict

To all you robot addicts that aren’t in USA or don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, HAPPY NORMAL THURSDAY TO YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanks everyone

Giving thanks for the many blessings I have, including (in no particular order) family, health, salvation, employment, and FIRST!

(And also enjoying the tasty miracles of turkey and pork leg and salmon properly salted and smoked with pecan and apple!)

– G2

Apparently I’m not dedicated enough.:frowning: