Happy to share vision code

For any team out there that is programming in labview and is still struggling with hot goal targeting, our team just figured it out and we would be happy to share our code with anyone who needs it.

i think it be very helpful! might help our programming out.

Thanks! I’d love to get a look at your code. Can I just PM you to see if we can make a transfer?

It’s really amazing that your doing this for other teams. Although our team programs in Java, could we perhaps look at your code? Our email is [email protected]. Thanks again.

I would love to take a look at your code.
Please send me a PM.

This is great! Could you please send me a PM?

That would be awesome. Just PM me please. Thanks.

I’m interested.

Greg McKaskle

Team 3122 would be interested! Please send me a PM with how to access it. Thank you!

I would love to take a look at that. You can Email me at [email protected] Thank you so much or you can PM me

I have been looking at doing the same thing. a pm would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

We have struggling with vision in labview as well. Any help would be appreciated!

I’d like to get a copy!

I’m not writing to ask for a copy of the program (because I’ve already asked for it!) I’m here to ask if anyone has already gotten a copy of it (because I haven’t and I’ve been waiting since Saturday afternoon!)

I’m interested to see what different teams are using and hear about how it worked out.

If it isn’t working well, I’m happy to help, but that would require some details about what you are doing and what isn’t working.

You may want to start or move to another thread.
Greg McKaskle

I’d be interested, if you could either PM me it, or email me it ([email protected]), I would be really grateful!

Hey everyone. Sorry for not getting back to ya’ll sooner. i have been really busy this week. I have sent the code to everyone who gave me their email address. I will try to pm everyone else but it would be great if ya’ll could pm me your email addresses so i can get the code out to you asap.

Nice Job Alpharex! (you are Verkingharder!)

Wouldn’t it be easier to just post it as a White Paper? If not, PM it to me!:smiley:

I looked through the vision code, and it looks like it was following the tutorial steps pretty closely. A couple of feedback points, though.

It actually looks like the source folder for the robot contains a copy of the 2013 rectangle code, but then links to the 2014 example in the LV folder. This will work fine until you move your robot code.

The vision processing code is present on both robot and dashboard. From the logic, it seems that the Boolean to enable it on the robot is not set and that the robot is using data from the dashboard.

Your code in auto immediately reads the hot variable and reads it just once. The field targets may take some time to transition and stabilize. You may want to add a delay in a sequence frame in front of the read.

The rest of the code, the swerve and fire seems like it may be appropriate for your robot, but it is hard to tell.

Thanks for sharing.

Greg McKaskle