Happy Valentine's Day ... AAAGGGGHHHH - HELP!!

:ahh: I was just wondering if there is any way to rearrange the FIRST season to avoid having Valentine’s day fall only one week from robot ship date … :wink: :yikes: I don’t know about the other married/attached mentors … but this is KILLING ME! :eek:

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone … :o

it aint ONLY the mentors that are gettin messed up by this…

My favorite FIRST V-Day experience from HS:

One of our adults had been working nonstop on the robot, to which his daughter (a student on the team) went to the grocery store, bought flowers, came back to the meeting, put them on the table he was working on and said, “Bring these to your wife.”

Moral of the story? Send your students looking for work to buy flowers for you to bring home :slight_smile:

Easy, Stu.

Instead of buying one dozen roses today (about $40-$50), buy 2 dozen tomorrow (about $30-$40). Also, offer to take your wife out for dinner, but not tonight. Every good restaurant will have a 30-60 minute wait this evening. Cook your wife a good dinner this evening instead of going out.

Mary and I will be going out Wednesday night, and she is getting roses tomorrow. We are both frugal and practical. :slight_smile:

Andy B.

Thanks Andy,

I hate to say it, but I don’t think any day between now and 2/22 will be any better wrt my time constraints and stress level. I guess I am just lucky that my wife doesn’t frequent ChiefDelphi …

I’ve actually got it covered … its just tough!! :yikes:

wow. i am all alone today… oh well!!! at least i’m getting the left over candy! lol.

Even compromises are a nuisance… My Other is on the team as well, though he doesn’t attend every hour of every meeting. Our Saturday meeting was from 9-5 so we made plans to go out to dinner Saturday night. Well, as it turns out, we had a chance of staying later on Saturday since the school was going to be opened later… No, I didn’t change plans, I still left at 5 to go to dinner. We left my car at the school and just went in his car… and at dinner, over the calamari appetizer, I casually mentioned that when he dropped me off at my car I would probably go back to the meeting… which didn’t fit in with his plans (plans, I might add, he dreamt up without consulting with me). Sigh. So after some wheeling and dealing (sometimes it feels like we’re in a casino more than a relationship) we reached another compromise, which was made completely useless because by the time we got back to the school (and my car) at 7:30, the meeting was over (they thought the school was going to be open until 9 p.m. but were obviously wrong).

So the only thing we have to do today is exchange presents. I get home from work at 5:15, he gets home between 6 and 7. Our meeting tonight starts at 6:30. If he’s home at 6, we’ll open presents before I leave for the meeting, otherwise we’ll open presents after the meeting, around 10. I did my best to convince him he wanted to give me my presents at midnight… and again at 8 a.m. but he didn’t go for it…


We single people just can’t complain like you guys…its valentines day and i plan to eat chocolate and candy hearts and babysit for my neighbors… :smiley:

I love chocolate. It’ll be so cheap tomorrow.

Bring your significant other to the meeting and have a nice dinner with “toppings.”

YES! Go for the cheap chocolate afterwards :smiley: I usually reserve this for Easter b/c they always overproduce candy, but I’ll have a go at it for Vday this year too :slight_smile:

The robotics meeting IS the date!
(another way of taking advantage of being a FIRST couple)

173 knows what I’m talking about :wink: