Hardest Regional

By looking at the list of teams for all the regionals, which one looks the most challenging to win?

Is there a current list? Like for all o’ the teams who have signed up so far?

They’re all equally challenging.

Actually, it depends on the teams there, which team you are, and the game. And, it changes year-to-year as teams change and change events. I would say that we can’t predict before the events.

Oh, and team lists aren’t final yet. Teams can still sign up for more events, and there are a lot of slots left.

There is a team list for each regional on the FIRST website.

Regional Information:


Just click on “Team List”

well if you go by team list alone i have to say i cant wait to see who comes out the winners of Midwest:cool:

It’s hard to tell as of now… There’s some regionals in certain areas that are always hard because of the caliber of the teams that come from there but also any team can have a rough season or regional so we’ll have to get a little more info before judging.

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http://www.frclinks.com/e/ct - Connecticut Regional team list
http://www.frclinks.com/e/oh - Buckeye Regional team list


I wouldn’t say they’re all equally challenging. There are some, i noticed mainly midwest and florida where teams of a much more experience all sign up to compete against one another and fewer teams attending, as of now, are still in the development stages.

The answer the last 3 years would be any regional that 1114 attends.

FLR has always been a Challenging regional. There are many power house teams like the X-Cats, MOE (who will not be attending this year) Spark-x (I’m sorry if i miss spelled it), both G.R.R.s, The Rocketeers, and many others. But it changes from year to year what teams are the power houses. It’s interesting cause you have an equal mix of teams with major cooperation sponsors and teams that dont get the as much funding. But with the slumping economy things might be more equal funding wise.

I have noticed that many (if not all) regionals are like FLR. It’s just the only one I have gone to.

FLR has a very Canadian flaour this year with 10 teams attending, a couple from Conneicut and an Indiana team. So it’ll be very interesting this year.
It’s too early to tell but I’d put my bet on the Michigan Championship.
That’ll be a killer event with 70 Michigan teams whaling on each other all weekend.

The Michigan State Championship will be quite competitive as it will be the first event calling for qualification. It will also be an end of season event which are always more competitive. Lastly teams will have 2 events under their belts.

I will second Cory’s response though that wherever 1114 is, it will be tough to win.

For everybody else…

I would say that the hardest regionals to win will be the first week ones. I say this because the teams will need to keep their sanity through all the field issues and control problems with the new systems.

Agreed with sovierr. Week 1 teams are hitting the ground hard and have little idea of what to expect in competition. Teams after have watched match clips and nailed down strategies that work and don’t work. :D.

I would have to agree with you there Cory, 1114 hasn’t made GTR any easier over these last couple years. Consistently GTR is one of the hardest regionals to win, especially when we used to get more American teams attending. Just look back to 06 when it was a super-regional, that was a tough regional to compete in, you had the triplets, the three world champs (296, 217, 522), all the very competitive Canadian teams, and good American teams like 4, 45, 65, 229, 703 and more. That was the hardest regional I’ve ever competed in.

Looking at this year so far in regional registration, Midwest is looking really strong again, Florida is always a good battle, California has strong regionals, GTR will be tough again. Its hard to know, because you never know who is going to surprise this year and come up with a great approach to the new game, but there are certainly some tough regionals out there that will match up the best teams against each other and provide some thrilling matches to watch.

A lot of people are suggesting that there’s just certain teams that make it hard to win a regional. If that’s what makes a regional the hardest to win then New Jersey has to be one. 25 makes it almost impossible for any team in NJ to win unless you think of teams like 103, 375, 1089 1279 etc… But when those teams combine, its almost impossible to win over here.

You learn that you need a solid bot that plays the game efficiently and consistently, something that we still need to learn before we can ever win NJ. But, we will keep coming back for more:cool:

thanks for the shout out… but remember, our two teams, along with 1676 beat 25, 103, and 381 one round… and yes i totally agree, i think the nj regional is underrated, and there are tons of tough teams… but maybe i’m just biased because nj is my home regional :smiley:

At any given point in the competition season, there will always be some sort of obstacle.

While you can’t get rid of all of them, you can, at least, negate some of the effects… with lots of practice and trial and error. With practice, the “hardest regional” shouldn’t feel so hard anymore.

And I’ve also learned that veteran teams shouldn’t be feared… teams should learn from them… they’ve been through it all.

That said, Las Vegas is looking pretty stacked this year…

yea i have to agree with this one. new control,strategy on the spot, not going to be easy but thats the beauty of first there’s always a way