Hardware requirements for Pro E

We are planning to purchase a PC to run Pro E this year. None of our very old PCs have been able to handle it in the past. Is there a hardware requirement list somewhere that we can use as a guide? I’ve tried navigating the Pro E website but have not found what I’m looking for.

Any suggestions or own experiences are welcome.


What version of Pro/Engineer or Creo are you running?
Some system requirements for:
Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3
Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4
Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5
Creo 1.0
Creo 2.0

Hope this helps.

tim-tim. That’s awesome :slight_smile: !

I think we’re planning on running Creo 2.0.

I can talk to my IT folks tomorrow. We run Creo 2.0 at work and have a decent setup. If I could give one piece of advice - spend money on a video/graphics card. You won’t see much of a difference until you start to work on a large assembly (could be anything from a drivetrain to the entire robot - depends on your approach). Other than that, I think any i5 and up processor will work. I would get at least 8GB of RAM.

Honestly, the biggest difference you will see is in a video/graphics card. As a side note, a solid state hard drive is a nice upgrade, but not required by any means.