hardware ...?

are we allowed to for example: buy some kind of mechanical component from a store…and directly attach it to our robot ?
what we would do is pretty much use only a part of that device, but switch the motor and frame and a few other things…

can anyone help ?

this is also what i know so far from other aspects of the cometition, please tell me if i got something wrong:

  • goals - approx 180lb
  • robot - man 130lb
  • robot - can extend from 30", 36",60"
  • field - balls on the floor, not on rack 40, and in alliance station,
    for use by ither on 10 balls.
  • all belts allowed, no adhesive
  • all wheels made allowed, or skyway

thats all for now :slight_smile:
thanks for your help…


There are only 3 sources of legal material that you can have on your robot:

The kit that was shipped to you or picked up at the kickoff.
The Additional Material List (see list for restrictions on sources, sizes, quantities, etc.)
Small Parts Inc.

That is it.

Joe J.

Dont forget decorations ----

Our robot had a little toy chicken that would flap its wings and bob its head at nationals.

Some of the kids tinkered with the bird’s innards to cause it to run continuously, which also had the serendipitous side effect of causing the bird to bob more furiously. It was quite the humorous sight.