Harmful side effects with current sensors

While testing the current sensors we discovered potentially harmful side effects on the Controller Interface.

While connecting the speed controller with the motor to measure current we discovered the harmful effect that the sensor has the power to change the analog output on the Controller Interface. When we made the motor go forward the analog output jumped to 10V and when we moved the motor backwards the voltage dropped almost to 0V.

Can you explain this a little better? Are you saying that the RC PWM outputs went to 10 volts? If that is what happened that is really bad. It sounds like you may have swapped the signal and power leads on the current sensor input to the RC. Disconnect the current sensors and ckeck the RC operation. Make sure all the outputs are functioning.

Yes, we have made sure that the PWM wires are correctly hooked up to the RC. We have also tested all the outputs on the RC to check for any problems and none were found. We have therefore concluded that the current sensor is the culprit.