Harry Potter n the Prisoner to Azkaban

So who’s seen it!?! n if so, did u where a cape!?! lol!

  • i think capes r bon diggity n soooooo cool
    when did u see it? what do u think of it? did u do anything special?
    HARRY POTTER ROCKS!!! :smiley:

I saw two people at my school today wearing capes and I wanted to punch them.

That sure isn’t gratious and professional… :frowning: You should practice gratious professionalism in all aspects of life, not just during robotics…

I understand that. That’s why I didn’t actually punch them or say anything offensive. I like Harry Potter too but I get annoyed at people who dress up and ACT the part and block my path in the hallway due to it (which they did). I guess it may be the frustration/stress in me due to more SAT IIs tomorrow morning. Perhaps the costumes reminded me of the fact that I could not go see Potter tonight because I needed sleep for tomorrow morning :frowning:

[edit] The capitalized “ACT” had nothing to do with the SAT or other standardized testing. Har har har. :slight_smile: [/edit]

Slendid! I can’t wait to see it! I’m gonna go as a hippogriff grin.

I saw the movie, it was awesome… I liked the direction that the new director took this movie. And no, I didn’t wear my Harry Potter blanket as a cape :] But I did think about it…

i saw the movie at 10:40 last night… it was ok…
i thought the only really good part the director did was the ending when they turned back time, n the funny parts
-overall it was rushed n i didn’t like dumbledore b/c he wasn’t as wise as the last one
-weren’t the raven’s creepy n the ticking sounds once they turned back time was a lil creepy n cool as well
i wore a cape n took a pen n drew a scar on my head before i left lol :smiley:

I am planning to go decked out in all the kaboodle! Cloak, sweater, scar, messy hair, and british accent. w00t.

I saw the movie last night it was awesome…and i get to see one more time tomorrow night. YeY!

Got back from it… the first half was badly paced and nothing new. The second half was very fun and the new director’s creativity definitely resulted in something far more enjoyable than the first two films. I might see it again just for that second half.

Oh, and Daniel Radcliffe seems to have reached his acting ‘peak’, per se.

Oh yeah, credits were awesome. They did a great job on that. I saw a guy named “Yan Hammond”.