Hartford FVC - Web Site is up!

The Hartford FVC Regional, now known as NERVE, has its web site up and running. Check it out HERE! :slight_smile:

And… WPI will be hosting a FVC scrimmage before the NERVE competition. This scrimmage is open to all registered NERVE teams. Just contact WPI at the web site to RSVP. There is no cost to scrimmage, but teams will be responsible for their own meals. The scrimmage is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 9:00 AM start. There will be a help desk for teams who need programming help with EasyC.

See you there! :smiley:

Great Site, Art!

I encourage all teams to take advantage of the “scrimmage” event. It will be a great opportunity to take your robot for a test drive.

Great Site, Art!

Thanks Bill, I wish I could take credit, but all the credit goes to WPI’s web team. I’m just getting the word out to everyone as a member of the planning committee.

I’ll agree completely. Thanks WPI for creating a great site for us! :smiley:

Attention all teams attending the New England Regional Vex Event - an e-mail went out to team leaders this afternoon with some important documents that teams need to complete and return. Also, the Welcome Packet for teams has been posted on the NERVE website at www.wpi.edu/+NERVE under the Announcements section.

We are expecting around 30 teams from CT, MA, NH, NY, NJ, PA, MI and CO! If you arrive early in Hartford, visit the Vex pit administration table on Thursday afternoon for information about the Hartford area. This should be an awesome competition!

The regional planning committee is very excited to see the final details of the event coming together and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you in Hartford!

Please note: If you are a Vex team which will be traveling with an FRC team to Hartford, note that your event begins earlier than the FRC event on Friday March 10! You must plan accordingly so that you have ample time to check in and receive your wristbands which will allow the FVC teams early entrance to the venue exhibit hall.

Also, please bring an extension cord and power strip for your pits.

An e-mail with additional announcements is going out to FVC team leaders today.