Hartford is looking for a few good Vex Teams

The Hartford FVC Regional committee would really love to get to our 50 team limit.

Are there any interested teams out there?
Do you know of any teams that would like to compete in FVC?
Do you need another “promoting FIRST event” for your FRC Chairman’s submission? Mentor a FVC team.

Any interested teams, who are not registered for any other FVC regionals, can still register here.

Also, teams should be within the 250 mile radius of Hartford, CT or in an area where there wasn’t a FVC regional, or the regional has already occured.

There are a limited number of team openings left. :slight_smile:

Remember Vex teams will bring you new FRC team members.

For those not aware of it, the Hartford event will take place on FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2006, at the spacious new Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford (this is a date change from the previously announced date). The competition will occur alongside the FRC competition - UTC New England Regional - making this a really fun event to go to! Volunteers are still needed for both events so register in VIMS if you are planning to help out.

If you are part of a group (scouts, Technology Students Association, etc.) that might be interested in Vex, feel free to contact me for more info.

Update, Ladies and Gents after December 2 teams can register for FVC regionals from anywhere. :smiley:

I assume you’ll be registered to the closest event that has not yet been held.

Thanks to the teams from Indiana and Wisconsin who have show an interest in the Hartford FVC Regional. We’ll do our best to make it worth your while. For traveling that far I’m sure Andy Grady will bestow honorary NERDs titles on you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh another thought, I’m not sure about this one. Hey Canada, you want to Vex? Why don’t you contact FIRST and see if they’ll let you in now.

We want a full event!

Arthur, Kathie, et al,

Slightly off topic: Is there a posted schedule and team list for the NE VEX tournament (similar to this and this)?


The New England Vex Regional website is being created right now. We will let the website people know of your request to have the schedule and team list posted.

We have a lot of teams interested in coming to Hartford but don’t forget, you need to send in your registration payment to FIRST! The New England Vex Regional is shaping up to be a great event at the new Connecticut Convention Center. Between the FRC event March 9-11, the Vex event on March 10 and the FLL scrimmage on March 11, it will be a FIRST blitz!

I’ll second Kathie’s sentiments. We now have 50 teams showing interest in the Hartford Regional! :smiley:

This means if your team doesn’t send their payment to FIRST soon you could lose your berth as other teams sign up and pay. Don’t get left behind! :ahh:

It looks like Hartford will be host to Vex teams from 8 different states! This will be a lot of fun and I encourage teams who are coming in from out of state to spend the night and watch the FRC finals, etc. on Saturday with us!

The following teams are registered to attend the New England Regional Vex Event on March 10 in Hartford. Although our deadline for payment was Friday we are still accepting last-minute registrations… If you competed earlier this season and are itching for more action, consider joining us in Hartford! (e-mail hartfordfvc@wpi.edu as soon as possible)

FVC Team #, Location
2 - Manchester, NH
9 - Manchester, NH
13 - Sharon, MA
29 - Braintree, MA
39 - Bronx, NY
44 - Sharon, MA
51 - Staten Island, NY
58 - Oakdale, CT
59 - Meriden, CT
64 - Falls Village, CT
73 - Brick, NJ
77 - East Hartford, CT
78 - Sharon, MA
86 - Exeter, NH
91 - Brooklyn, NY
92 - Agawam, MA
94 - Sudbury, MA
99 - South Windsor, CT
105 - North Andover, MA
106 - Demarest, NJ
158 - Broomall, PA
160 - Waterbury, CT
175 - Royal Oak, MI
194 - Brookfield, CT
228 - Holden, MA
252 - Sparta, NJ
265 - Lakewood, CO
276 - Windsor, CT

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the wonderful Vex teams I got to meet today in Hartford! You were all so gracious and enthusiastic about the program and I loved hearing your stories… I hope you all had as much fun today as I did!

Does anyone have the results of the competition?

We have posted the standings and results from the NERVE field competition at http://eaglevex.syraweb.org/NERVEresults.htm, with some textual description (and many photos to come) at http://eaglevex.syraweb.org/UTC%202006.htm. The winning alliance was teams 160 (Impulse), 78 (Sharon Myotonics) and 43 (Gompei Avengers). I recall that the 160 (Impulse) team won the Create award, the 78 (Sharon Myotonics) team won the Connect award, and the 44 (Sharon AngelBots) team won the Think award.

If anyone has any feedback about the event, please e-mail me or PM me so I can share it with the planning committee.

Congratulations to the following Award winners from the New England Regional Vex Event:
FIRST Vex Challenge Award - FVC 106 (The Angels)

FIRST Vex Challenge Amaze Award – FVC 9 (Cloud Nine)

FIRST Vex Challenge Create Award - FVC 160 (Impulse)

FIRST Vex Challenge Connect Award - FVC 78 (Myotonics)

FIRST Vex Challenge Think Award - FVC 44 (Sharon AngelBots)

FIRST Vex Challenge Winning Alliance Award - Teams 160 (Impulse), 78
(Sharon Myotonics) and 43 (Gompei Avengers)

I hope you all had a great time in Hartford and hope our paths will cross again soon!

so when are the pictures going to be posted?

Finally posted many photos from NERVE at http://eaglevex.syraweb.org/UTC%202006.htm. They are mostly focused on our Sharon FVC teams (when you are a coach from Sharon, that’s where your camera is). It was a great day of competition and comradery, thanks to all the volunteers that made it possible and we look forward to it next season!