Hartford Regional Video

Posted by nick237.

Engineer on team #237, sie h2o bots, from Watertown high school ct and sieman co.

Posted on 11/2/2000 9:15 PM MST

After a long wait, FIRST has sent the master video tapes of this years regional in Hartford to our team for editing. They had a problem getting them edited and we ’ Team 237 ’ offered to undertake the huge task of getting the tapes edited and a copy to each team that attended.
If you were a team in Hartford this year and would like a Free copy please Email me at [email protected]
Enclose your team #, Name and Address. also if you would like a copy of the whole event or just the games your team played in, and we will send you a copy as soon they are finished.
The whole tapes are 14 hours long and each team will take three days to edit, multiply that by 42 teams? so its first come first gets.
Nick 237