Harvesting balls

Here is a video of our solution to harvesting the balls from the floor. Well we call it a harvester since it looks like a combine.
now we have to build the rest of it…

Very slick! What did you use to attach the pneumatic tubing to the ABS?

looks good, its really nicely puting the ball into the robot in the same spot every time.

We just drilled a very snug hole, but we plan on “shoe Goo” or “Plumber’s Goop” ing them in

Very nice! I’m assuming based on the fact you released this video so early in the season you don’t mind if our team borrows from this idea?

We share everything! Its the GP way. If all good ideas were swaped more often the level of play can only go up! We have used other ideas from other teams and we are grateful. We are always trying to return the favor! Use away!

Nice job, we will post our hopper feeder idea in about a week or so.

Hmm if we have ours ready I’ll try to have it up before end of build :frowning:

This Sunday Right, I hope it is a good one. :smiley: :cool: :eek:

Looks very repeatable, nice. If the chassis is also shown you will need to change the front a bit. I think you need at least 6" on each side of your harvester.

We have almost the exact same mechanism on our robot except we’re using the ends off of a push broom for the brushes. :smiley: