Has A Rookie Team Ever Won The Championship?

This is just for my general knowledge of FIRST. Has a rookie team ever won the world championship event?

Maybe during the first year of FIRST?:slight_smile:

Wow…No really, i mean like, for example, team 3000 winning a couple years back.

I would assume in the 90s but in recent years, 4334 was one of the closest to achieving this…

1992 - 126, rookie
1993 - 148, second year
1994 - 144, rookie year
1995 - 100, rookie year
1996 - 73, 4th year
1997 - 71, 2nd year
1998 - 45, 7th year

Plenty of teams have reached Einstein as a rookie; the two off the top of my head are 3357 in 2010 and 2753 in 2009

Team 100 Wildhats won in their rookie year in 1995. To my knowledge, that is the last year a rookie won the championship. 1995 was in the pre-alliance and pre-division era, so it’s not “modern” FIRST.

No rookie team has won the Championship event in the alliance era (1999 and later). 255 (2000), 232 (2000) and 365 (2001) all won in their sophomore season. The highest numbered team to win the championship was 1477 last season. Only three teams with four-digit team numbers (1114, 1241, 1477) have ever won the championship.

Oh so close… :rolleyes:

Not that this has anything to do with your questions since I assume you only mean FRC. In FTC my rookie team won the world championship in 2010.