Has a team advanced to their DCMP without competing at their second district event?

I noticed when looking at the Indiana district that teams only need ~35 district points to advance to the Indidana state championship. Considering teams can get over 70 points at a single event, I got to wondering, has any team has ever advanced to their district championship without attending their second district event? Does the registration system even allow for this? Could said team get a discounted DCMP entry fee since they didn’t enter their second district event? (hah, I bet I know that answer)

3072 in CHS did this last year.
They got 53 DP at Hampton Roads and were going to be attending a second event until the Southwest Va. event got moved on short notice due to snow. They were still qualified for DCMP but did not attend for monetary reasons.

There may be others as well, but this is the only one I know of.

While I see some areas that say that you “MUST” attend two events, I think when push came to shove FIRST would not let a district deny a team a spot at DCMP if they qualified on points but didn’t attend two qualifying events. Fact is in many districts it is possible to gain enough points at a single event to qualify for DCMP. The cutoff in the PNW District has been well under 70 in all of our years of existence.

The registration system does not force you to put in a list for a second event and the fact is we have seen teams that do register for an event not show up for various reasons.

I’d love to see a team push this because to my knowledge it has not happened yet.

And as you speculate if a team did advance to DCMP without attending two qualifying events they would not get a discount on the DCMP registration fee if they are in an area with a separate DCMP registration fee.

MAR typically sends invites out before the last district event for teams who have enough points to be “locked” in to the district championship. In 2015 team 2590 received this invite (and registered) before their second district event.

I don’t know if the invitation would be revoked if they skipped that second event, but I’m guessing they would still be invited.

In NC the DCHP ticket price was 50 points. So, looking at the numbers (which you like to do) and assuming any of the 4 events could have been a team’s actual first and only event, the only demonstrated way to have earned >=50 was to be captain or first pick of alliance 3 or better AND won Gold or Silver. One exception was pushed over the minimum with age points. Earning award points were not needed by the teams that crossed the threshold, but at least a couple could have crossed the 50 line with an award, but didn’t.

Great question though! Two take-aways: don’t ignore award points AND don’t give up if your first event was a bomb.

However, there is a more important issue here for those striving to advance to Houston/Detroit, it looks like being outside the top 9 at DCHP required 2 above average quals to win the bubble race. There were good teams on the bubble that did not qualify due to one or more weak qualifier.

I’m pretty sure the point thing is possible in all districts. Team 3357 earned 73 DP from the Forest Hills event. Had they not attended Livonia 2 weeks earlier, they still would have had enough to attend MSC. Not sure about whether or not they would’ve been allowed to, though.

Since the district points are used to determine who advances to Championships, I doubt that many teams that won a district event would skip out on those second event points and hope that they got enough points at DCMP to advance. If a team was really strapped for money and knew that they would not be able to afford the trip to Championships, and knew that DCMP was as far as they would go no matter what the outcome, they might skip their second event. But, I think for the most part, teams want more play time, not less. And if you were strapped for cash, the cheapest way to get more play time would be to attend more district events.

Likely not, as the DCMP registration fee goes directly to FIRST HQ.* The district doesn’t see any revenue from a DCMP.

*See Q/A 13 in Jim’s District FAQ paper. AFAIK, this is still the case.