Has anybody been able to get 2910's Swerve from 2017, and code, to work with 2019's code?

We have decided to try to dabble into the world of Swerve, and we decided to start by trying to make 2910’s design in 2017, and now that that’s all built, it’s time for the code, and their are many things to fix, I (think) I already got all the old syntax fixed, but now whenever I enable, the drive wheels go at max and it stops saying module error after 2 seconds.

Look into using the 2018 code as a starting point, it uses the new talon API.

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Mainly have now gotten rid of all the non swerve stuff, but it’s giving the error of: CTR: CAN frame not received/too-stale, and from what I can track, it’s coming from RobotMap.java

public static final int DRIVETRAIN_FRONT_LEFT_DRIVE_MOTOR = 25;
public static final int DRIVETRAIN_FRONT_LEFT_ANGLE_MOTOR = 23;
public static final int DRIVETRAIN_FRONT_RIGHT_ANGLE_MOTOR = 34;
public static final int DRIVETRAIN_FRONT_RIGHT_DRIVE_MOTOR = 32;
public static final int DRIVETRAIN_BACK_LEFT_DRIVE_MOTOR = 26;
public static final int DRIVETRAIn_BACK_LEFT_ANGLE_MOTOR = 24;
public static final int DRIVETRAIN_BACK_RIGHT_ANGLE_MOTOR = 33;
public static final int DRIVETRAIN_BACK_RIGHT_DRIVE_MOTOR = 31;

These are the values it gives for the SRX’s

Have you verified that those IDs match up with the IDs configured on the Talons via Phoenix Tuner?

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