Has anyone bought a field?

Has anyone been able to buy the “regolith”
polymer to create a full scale field…how much was it? Where did you buy?

we got four, 4X8 sheets of it(one of our rookie teams’ parents’ works for a company that makes it or something) but Home-Depot has sheets of it for around $30

we did not buy a whole field worth. But we did buy a few sheets just for testing. We just went to the local homedepot, and picked them up.

we got half a field’s worth at Menards since they are 3 dollars cheaper

If you where to purchase the whole field it would take approximately 39pieces of 4x8 sheets. With each piece costing about $32, a whole field would be about $ 1250 to buy. I would hope that most teams could at least have a few sheets to practice on. GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR TO ALL TEAMS…

We got enough to make a whole field. Turns out my Danny McC’s dad uses it to make stuff at his job… So we borrowed a skids worth which is enough to make a field…

That being said PM me if you’re a local team so that if we’re able to open it for other people’s use we can notify you.

Is southern VA local to Jersey?

Did we get the go to build the whole field though D? If so than yeah PM us so we can you know let you guys know whats going on with it.

Same thing in webster ny. 30 bucks a sheet. We got 5 sheets. And in case anyone hasn’t seen the material yet…its not what you would imagine. not only does the videos not do it justice, its not like ramp material we have seen in 2003,2004 and 2006. It has “bumps” and “grooves” all over it. Kind of like the covers of lights in some older schools. Not fun stuff.

If you’re south of DC then no. I have family that lives in outside of DC but in VA and that’s still about 3 hours.

Blue Alliance has pictures of the field surface here…

they have a video too

our team didnt get all of it, but you can go to either home depot, ACE hardware, or OSH. they all have it, but its universally $30.

Hopefully we’ll see more of this happening throughout the FIRST community.

Yeahhh we have always wanted to do this but we never had the materials. And we thought we wouldnt this year because its pricy. But than my dad showed up with all of the floor material we need and were like :ahh: and I was like hmmm we could share. ^_^. I wont take credit for the idea but it did pop into my head. All seriouness though if we get it going any team who wants to come practice on the field just let us know and we will get something set up.

Yeah, but because of the price, I was thinking more along the lines of “there’s three of us, so we each buy a third of the field”, plus invite other area teams.

Yeah thats a good idea. Really gives you an oppurtunity to meet other teams and actually get some practice with real robots.

This was kind of like what i was thinking. however, one of the teams that we considered trying to do this with was 816 soooo… yea

Danny!- I’ll let you kno =]

Ehhhh I dont know about that ;). JK. Yeah if we get the ok me and dustin will make a post and than everyone can message us for details.