Has anyone came up sucessful.....

Has anyone created a successful camera code for “tracking and driving to the target” code?

idk the specifics of it cause i’m not a programmer but i think we have a code for that that actually works decently

Our tracking code works FABULOUSLY! I am stunned and amazed, and more than a little impressed. After so many years where camera tracking was marginal and intermittent, I have never seen something work so well and consistently. We enable the robot (pointed anywhere), it seeks and locates the target within a second, and drives right to it regardless of robot weight, trailer weight, or slippage. We are putting our autonomous tracking routine into our teleoperated mode so with a switch of a trigger the robot will drive itself to the target.

So, since I didn’t do the programming, I’ve got to know - are lots of teams having this success with the new camera and software, or is my programmer just a genius?

I haven’t seen our tracking code work on the robot first hand yet, but I was wondering how high your camera is mounted. I think ours is only about 36" off the ground and I’m worried we’ll be looking at the lights.

Higher would be a better, but I suspect it will work. There is a parameter for the camera called Brightness which may help if your camera does end up staring into the lights.

Greg McKaskle

We are having some really good results with robot tracking and firing at the target. Like gary said, its good enough that we’d consider putting an option for it in teleop, but we wont because our primary driver maneuvers better than any computer could.

the robot is really well off because of the turret, which means we can point the robot in the general direction of the target, and let the finely-tuned turret control loop do the rest.