Has anyone else finished their entry?

For the past 4 years, Team 21 has always finished their animation totally under the gun, and it’s shown. 2 years ago, we had to render the entire animation minus the absolutely gorgeous background we’d spent all our time on because we only had 4 days left.

Last year, though, just because we gave FedEx the package on the correct day didn’t mean they sent it out on time. Our entry didn’t even get judged last year, which was a pity, because it was a strong animation. Not quite strong enough to win, but a point of pride nonetheless.

This year, our team is under different management (me) because our lone mentor changed jobs and lives 400 miles away. I’ve pushed my team (made up mostly of rookies) very hard, and we’ve already finished. Now we have almost half a month to polish or tweak our animation to our hearts’ content.

Has anyone else finished yet?

Nope but we are shooting for getting it done this weekend and I think we may be able to pull it off but not to the degree that we want to ship out. We are actually scheduling for two “tweak weeks” because we had no time last year to tweak. One of the people on the team actually flew out to California to hand deliver the animation because we were too late for shipping it. We gave it to them a couple hours before the final deadline.

Have you uploaded the render somewhere?

Not yet. We’re still in the process of touching up.

And besides, our animation has (what we think is) a very unique and distinct style… one that could easily be “inspirational” to other teams with this much time left. I’m in favor of sharing ideas just as much as the next guy, but this is one area where we’d like to be certain that we don’t leak. I hope you understand.

We will upload it, however, and I’ll have the link posted on March 18th. I appreciate your patience.