Has anyone else noticed the SPAM that the i.am.FIRST page is getting.

I mean really. It’s crazy how much spam it’s receiving.

That’s “Social Networking” for you.

Well its not any more than any other fan page…theres just not enough real people posting on there to drown them out :frowning:

Just report for spam…if everyone who reads this does theyll be gone

Wow. After seeing at least 16 or 17 pages of “Older posts”, I had to check to see if I was still on the i.am.FIRST page, and not Miley Cyrus’ fan page. Seriously? 95% of the content is related to Miley Cyrus. In comparison to the message put forward in the TV special, it is fairly ironic.

yeah…it’s all quite funny.
the fan page for BEP when they posted about anything to do with the i.am.FIRST concert was immediately spammed to the end of the earth.

If you click the X on the upper right you can “report as spam” and give it a reason. I reported a few, if enough of us do that then facebook will hopefully look at it and address the issue.

It’s the same thing that happened with Brittany Spears fans on Youtube with part five of the video. Just a bunch of bored kids hijacking a page.

Okay. I reported at least 100 of them. Hopefully facebook will do something.