Has anyone ever read...

“Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad?

If so, what do you think of it?

I’ve read it and had it beat to death by my teacher all year long because it was one of my books for IB. So I’m over the whole thing. I mean it was nice the first time…but after all this year…not anymore.

I do however love the style of the story. And the fact the Marlow makes the decision to lie to the intended one. Perfect.

Yes, I thought it was a spectacular piece of work. I believe there is a movie based on parts of it, called Apocolypse Now. It is a fantastic movie, and I highly recommend it, though it certainly doesn’t replace the book.

I loved the style and the imagery and the story, though I would detest it as a lit class story.

I have to read it for a summer project for my AP English class I’m taking next year…and I can’t really grasp the writing. Any tips on this?

Just read it slowly. And remember that it is a framed story. Marlow is telling the narrator about his journeys through the river so it is not in order. You get flashbacks within flashbacks. Maybe you should write down each of the locations Marlow is at…like first hte Nellie and then you can see how hsi journey really works.

Hm…ok, I’ll do that and see how that works out for me.

Thanks Meli and breezy also :smiley:

I don’t know what to tell you…it’s really a hate it or like it book. I think if you just try and read it through once without getting caught up in the writing, you’ll have an easier time reexamining it. The vocabulary there was pretty hard to grasp, although having read some of his work before that I got used to the chock full of crazy vocab he puts in. Try and understand the themes and ideas and characters more than you focus on the writing. You can always go back and study paragraphs, but you won’t understand the book unless you just read it.