Has anyone found a good scouting app for iPhone ?

Has anyone found a good, updated scouting app for the 2018 Powerup game that works on iPhones or a good scouting sheet ?

FRC Spyder? It’s not an app that you can input values into, but it will show the schedule and the teams within each competition. I found it really helpful to use if for scouting setup before competition begins. It will also update and show score and other info. I don’t know if it is updated for 2018 yet (or if it will), but I used it last year for set up!
If you have the resources, you could create an app for your self. We are using Kindle Fires and Android Studio to do scouting this year. We have a paper/pencil version. If you want to see it, just DM me!

We make our own app every year, although it’s on android. I recommend making an excel template for all the information you want, then print it out for the scouts to fill out during the match.

We’ve done Excel sheets during competition before. Bit of a pain copying over data from one computer to another at the end of the day.

Paper is easiest to set up, but a real pain to consolidate.

Last year we used AppSheet to turn google forms into on-device apps. Works with Android and iOS.
CD search for appsheet: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/search.php?searchid=8791312

You can set up the app to allow for photos (great for pit scouting), live summaries of certain data, and download it all as a spreadsheet later.

Issue: it uses data to update live (But you can set the app up to do a delayed synch), and it costs money (think it was $10/month for unlimited users)

We have a website called ScoutingFRC.com where you can export data in a CSV format for analysis in Excel. We also have a page where you can see live stats for teams(useful for drive team strategies!).

Personally I’ve found that paper scouting sheets are almost always easier than an app. Apps I’ve used in the past have ended up having sharing issues with files and don’t have much in the way of flexibility when it comes to pit scouting notes and what not. With paper sheet you can design them in excel however you want, and can write notes in the margins. The printing process can be a bit of a pain but it’s half an hour to an hour of prep for each event (if you do it right) and then you’re good to go.

If you literally just need a scouting system, paper -> manual input into an excel sheet is about as rudimentary as it gets, but you might lose some reliability with manually inputting every robot’s performance over and over. (it’s tedious).

But, that’s not your goal here. The more you automate the system, the more consistent it’s going to be, and the better the data that you’ll get.

Apps like FRC Spyder + The Blue Alliance’s website will give you a lot of information about the field and matches at a high level, but nothing in by-robot detail. For a rudimentary pick list, you can’t do much better.

I’d recommend looking into a platform-independent scouting app (e.g. a webpage) that creates a csv or other file that you can import into excel. There’s a few that have been advertised in the Scouting subform that should fit your use case :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I’ll be making a version of my old team’s scouting app, https://github.com/michaelwm/scoutworks-forms for FIRST POWER UP. It’s written in Xamarin Forms so it’s available iOS and Android version. It’s not the prettiest app but my team loved using it, and hopefully you find the POWER UP version useful (once it’s out!)

Thank you for all the reply’s but we are just gonna use paper scouting sheet we are way behind and dont have time.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uu9BsIvir0wx_UDBQwDXElBUvdngfgcVcNGzwI_pU9c/edit?usp=sharing

i usually like the frc tracker by idle loop software. however they have said 2018’s is having some technical difficulties that may prevent it from coming out until even week 2 this year.
but it allows you to have all the blue alliance scouting data and add pictures through the photo share. also has match schedules and such.
this app is only on ios however

We have an app called Tech Scouting where you can do Pit Scouting and normal scouting. It then gives you a QR code that represents all the info entered. You can then pair this with an Excel spreadsheet to quickly analyse all your information.

FAST is available for beta testing. We will be using it over the next two weeks at competition.

Another vote for AppSheet! It is very easy to use to create iPhone and Android apps and it automatically assembles all your student’s data in one Google Sheet. Basically you create a Google Sheet with all the columns of data needed, point AppSheet at it and it makes the app. You can then tweak it to add buttons, drop-downs, etc.

For use at competitions we use the Premium version which queues up data and loads it to the cloud when each phone has a signal…very important!

This premium license costs $5 per month per user, but if you ask appsheet for the Nonprofit discount it is only $2.50 per month per user. We use it for March and April only.

A partial peek at ours: If Y is tapped on the climb questions, for instance, a 2nd question comes up asking HOW they did it.


I know the OP has already opted for paper scouting, but 2102 has an app called RoboRecon that’s being presented at Houston Champs for the second time this year.

Here’s the link to our site, which has downloads and instructions.

It can compile pit scouting, scouting from the stands, and Blue Alliance data into whatever tables and graphs you want, and it’s compatible with computers, tablets, and phones.

IMO, paper is always the solid way to go. Pit scouting sheets are a nice way to assess robot ability before competition, and match scouting sheets are great for analyzing future alliances/final partnerships. This year we’re trying out a new method with the match sheets where we’ll have one scout watch one robot every round, and have them all bring it back to our scout lead every few matches to put in a spreadsheet. This way we get a nice set of data on our robot and others to see where we compliment one another or if we’re just loading up on more of the same skill. We’re hoping to see how well this will work at this week’s Lincoln competition.

Paper + Excel = Easy and Efficient