Has anyone found Game Pieces alternatives from outside vendors?

If so please share!! We have found some 12" high cones that look similar but are not exactly the sabe and for the cube, nothing similar.


I don’t know about a source, but the game manual has details about the manufacturer of both game pieces:

The rubber marker cone is made by Flaghouse (part number 4158) and sold by AndyMark, part number am-4700_syc.

The inflatable cube is a modified version of a product made by Flaghouse (part number 17810) and sold by AndyMark, part number am-4700_bpc.

Note that Flaghouse part number 17810 is not identical to a CUBE. The Flaghouse part varies in color and includes clear vinyl pouches on all sides, whereas a CUBE does not.


These cones aren’t official, but they look very similar. Would have to buy one and measure it against the official one to make sure though. They don’t come in yellow alone, and the color might not be right.

Here’s the official part number at flaghouse for cones

and here’s cubes:

As @veg stated above, the manual says that the flaghouse part is not identical and will probably behave differently than the andymark one because of the clear pouches.


Notably, AndyMark’s official game pieces are the same price Flaghouse has them for. It looks like AndyMark is really doing their best to make the game pieces available as cheaply as possible!


FYI, I just called Flaghouse today to cancel our order from them because we ordered on Saturday and had yet to receive a shipping notification (compare to 2020, when we ordered on Sat 1/4 and they were shipped Tues 1/7).

Apparently, they are backordered. So if anyone is currently waiting on them and expecting to get cones in a timely manner, you likely won’t.


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