Has anyone found good sites for Buying/Selling/Trading excess KOP parts?

Just wondering if anyone out there has found good sites or forums for trading and offloading some of the unused KOP items we seem to accumulate. Or if anyone has good ideas or suggestion for leftover items and outdated items and electronics ( victor 888 I have probably 20) please let me know.

My recommendation is to find the nearest rookie, first few year, or low-resource team and I am sure they will be happy with whatever you give them. They may not have much to trade, but I am sure they would be very grateful.

3184’s Parts Exchange

Awesome Thank you!

You can still use those old victors in your bots so that would be great for a rookie/young team because motor controllers are expensive.

Those old Victors would also be useful in keeping demo robots alive using an arduino-based or other less expensive controller which supports PWM but not CAN. A lot of our old Victors were used in a class at our school a few years ago.