Has anyone gotten a Siemens grant?

I’m not sure which forum is best to post this in, so here it is. I’m thinking about funding for next year, and one of the things I’d like to try is grant-writing. Has anyone written a successful grant application for FIRST? I was looking specifically at the Siemens Foundation grants. I noticed “Siemens” listed here and there as a contributor to FIRST, but then I saw it listed as “Siemens Automotive” and that’s got to be something different. The Siemens Foundation won’t tell me who they’ve funded or show me an example of a successful application. Does anyone know if they’ve funded FIRST, or other places I could send grant applications for FIRST?

Siemens funded us for our 2002 season. They weren’t one of our primary sponsors (Verizon was, that year), and I personally did not handle the grant-writing. Sorry I can’t really offer anything more!

Siemens VDO Automotive gave us a sponsorship. Not sure how you would go about getting one, but I know they give 201 and 245 a good amount of money.