Has anyone had any issues with their gaming adapter?

Our gaming adapter has been pressing the security button on it’s own :frowning:
every time we go over the bump, the button presses itself in. It is not mounted vertically, it is mounted in a way that the button should not have momentum inward to press itself…
we were thinking about removing the button from the device completely, but then we read rule <R60> :mad:
I have no idea what we would be able to do about this!

Use something like vibration isolation mounts, but with more travel. Springs? foam?

I’d be curious to know whether taping the button helps. Hopefully, it would provide just enough “out-force” to keep things happy.

We had two incidents that we blamed on the button self-pushing. One held up to inspection, but the other turned out to be a separate issue. Re-orienting the bridge might help.

we were thinking last night, and thought that maybe we would suspend it by surgical tubing…or we could borrow some of the rubber mounts from one of our old compressors…

we also need to do that to the jaguars too loo, we broke 3 jaguar fans…and now our robot sounds like a panzer tank rolling through 3 feet of plastic trash haha
“cracklecrackle bzzt click cllick click bzzt crackle!”
the fans broke off their mounts, but are still working, so they are just thrashing around inside the plastic housing… it is not a very pleasant noise
someone told us that the black jaguars may be better for shock and such…we may look into it, and order the black ones…
plus they match our robot beter! haha

Kage - those rubber mounts for the compressors won’t help you. They are specifically for dampening vibrations, and probably won’t do much for sudden shocks. Further, rubber mounts of that type only work when significant weight is mounted to them. Anything lighter than their rated minimum, and it doesn’t have enough mass to sufficiently deform the rubber and give you the absorption you want.

Since the Jaguars and the radio are extremely light, you won’t be able to find any rubber mounts of that design that will work with them.

I would recommend tape on the security button - that should be enough to hold it out.