Has Anyone Picked Up Theirs Kits Yet?

Our team is still in progress of getting registered and I was just wondering since the kit pick-up location started yesterday has any one gone and got it yet?

Source of infomation

You can’t pick up your kit until kick-off in January. The pick up registration is just to indicate where you’ll be getting it on January 5th.

I believe what you are looking at is only the registration date for where you will be attending kickoff and also where you will pick up your kit.

Normally, kits are not available until after kickoff, usually the same day, which will be January 5, 2008. You’ll watch the revealing of the 2008 FRC game at the kickoff site, and then after the presentation teams will receive their kits.

As above posters have pointed out, you get your kit at kickoff. FIRST’s timeline just has some poor wording. I think what they were trying to get at is registering where you would pick up your kit when January 5th comes around.

If you look at his team, he is most likely referring to FTC.

This should then be moved to the FTC area of this forum.

And yet the link goes to the "FIRST Robotics Competition Calendar of Important Deadlines - 2008 Season"…

we need some of those mystery solver people on tv…

The posters profile is FVC.

At the same time, a check of the Palmetto Regional roster lists a FRC 2430, “Cyber Storm & GRIP (Greenwood Robotics Interactive Partners)”. I believe they’re making the step up to FRC.

And yes, StephLee is right–you’ll have to wait until January with the rest of us. Don’t worry, you get used to it after a while.

You are correct, our team is in the process of moving from a FVC team to FRC. Sorry for this miss-understanding

On that same note, I thank you all for the infomation that you have provided on(to me that is) a miss-wording of the calendar.

Hey BoyDean,
I was asked about stating up a robotics team at my high school about this time last year. I was told there where two divisions in FIRST and i had the option of starting in both FVC and FRC at the same year. I got halfway through the FVC build and I was thinking it was a piece of cake so why not do the FRC as well.

was I in for a rude awakening!! The time requirements for the big 'bots are 10 times greater, but it’s also more rewarding. Get as much sleep as you can get before January, because you are going to be busy. Best of luck on your first year in FRC!

Welcome to the family Boydean and team 2430.


We all make mistakes sometimes. But welcome to FRC!!! Hope you enjoy this league.

No amount of sleep beforehand will make up or prepare you for the lack of sleep you will receive during build season.