Has anyone seen Team 116?

Hi, I just signed up and i’m looking for members of Team 116, or “Epsilon Delta”.

If you click on “members” near the top you can view all of the people who have signed up here, sorted by team #.

To find the most complete list of team members from 116 what you’ll want to do is go to the advance member search, here.

And then fill in the team # box as 0116, click search and you’ll get your results!

I’ve seen them. I’ve seen them with my eyes.
I’ve seen them, they’re often in disguise.


Yeah, us 116ers lurk in all kinds of places…


Like inside of a santa suit for example? :rolleyes:

Thank you a whole lot y’all…those pictures of Dave are pretty funny!:smiley:

Yeah…I am here too…my first post in probably a year. OK, maybe I made a few posts this past season, but not many (if any, I can’t really remember). I might be back for good, but the busy schedule says no.

Excellent collection of Dave photoshops, lol!

Somebody has too much time and too many programs on their hands…

If you look closer, you’ll see I did those photos over a period of years… and they were only done with one program… but yeah, a little free time with no where to direct it and I can become, um, creative…


One program…
MS Pain in the…err, paint :wink:

Get Photoshop already!

I believe it was your father who said “Don’t underestimate the ability of a highly skilled technician with simple tools (and don’t overestimate the ability of an unskilled fool with exotic tools!).” While some would argue the merits of targeting an executive with the Federal Government ( :rolleyes: ), I believe Heidi’s more or less planted herself in the former category.