Has There Ever Been a Case Where the Eighth Alliance Wins the Competition?

I was wondering if there had ever been a case of this happening. There most likely has, but are there any particularly interesting or special ones that you know about?


2007 Champs, #8 alliance on Galileo (I think?) took the whole thing.


2018 Houston Champs, Turing Division. #8 alliance won division.


Curie 2016, the reverse perfect bracket:


I mean… Alliance #8 lost to Alliance #2 yesterday at the MVR, but it was pretty close to being the other way around, so it has definitely happened before, at least at a Regional.


Last year at Clackamas, my team (3674) took the event while being 7th alliance captian. I think it would be harder this game though, as raw shooting ability has a higher impact in scoring than previous years, where a mediocre team over-performing could match a theoretically better team, especially in early events. I suspect that as we get to district champs, all the alliances will be a lot closer, as opposed to last year where the spread was actually bigger in the start.

tldr; I bet we will see some as robots progress in skill

The eighth alliance at the 2017 Southern NH District pulled out the win.


HVR 2017

Turing division 2018

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Israel District Championship, 2017


Here’s some analysis I did near the end of competition season last year:

As you can see, it’s pretty rare for the 8th alliance to win. But there are usually a few competitions where it happens each year. As Aristotle said, “It is a part of probability that many improbable things will happen.”


#8 on Newton.

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2018 Seven Rivers, the #8 alliance of 1736-2826-2830 won the event convincingly.

They played the #6 alliance in finals as well, which showed remarkable depth, an odd alliance selection, or both.


2012 Queen City Regional. Captained by 45 Technokats, featuring 781 and 3940 (in their rookie campaign).
45 picked 781 because it was the most proficient scorer remaining, and 3940 because they had a wide-style drivebase. They then spent a long time practicing the triple-balance.
Scouting wins tournaments.


2018 Chesapeake District Championship. The CHS doesn’t have any truly dominant teams, so the top tier tends to be 15-20 comparable robots. This produces a lot of upsets at both district events and district championships as different alliances find chemistry or 2nd round steals.


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This one still hurts


In FIM at Lincoln in 2019 the 8th alliance won
47 AM

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As was said #8 Alliance on Newton won the championship in 2007.

I will say the district championship and Championships with the deeper fields of teams tend to have a greater chance of this happening. The data shows that in regional and district level competition it’s hard to overcome the high picks of the 1-3 alliances when you have 28-36 teams.

2016 Curie - won the division but not the Championship (also the perfect reverse bracket)

2014 Center Line

2018 Daly, if I remember correctly…
Also yesterday at Northern Connecticut