Has your team eaten dinner at Hooters in Atlanta?

Just want to take a quick poll here.

Some uninformed people tend to think of Hooters restaurant as a “seedy” place unsuitable to take HSers.
I just want to see if your team has ever been there in Atlanta, or anywhere else for that matter.

I have been to Hooters a bunch of times with FIRSTers with my team, and as seperate smaller groups, and it’s reputation as a bad place to take HSers or anyone for that matter is completely false in my opinion. :frowning:

We were always treated with respect going there as a team, and respect was shown back to the people working there. I would expect nothing less out of FIRSTers. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input in this poll.

Also, some questions seperate from the poll, but I also want feedback on this:

Would it make a difference in your descision as a mentor or a team leader on a FIRST team or to go if it was:

A) An all male team

B) An all female team

C) A co-ed team


Um… I’ve never been to Hooters, but in 2004 we did go to The Varsity… I highly recommend it. Team 71 was there at the same time we were. It was very good food and awesome, entertaining service.

We have eaten as Hooters in Atlanta. Not as a full team because it is more expensive then the CNN center food court but I don’t see a problem with Hooters. I have been to Hooters on other school trips as well besides Robotics. Hooters is a family restaurant and I don’t think the gender make up of the team makes a difference on weather it is appropriate to take your team .

Yep, I did hear that place was pretty cool at our last meeting. We may decide to hit that place up one night for dinner as well.
Looks pretty cool, and reasonably priced. :slight_smile:

Our mentors won’t let us go to Hooters either.

We eat a lot of breakfast at the CNN center, and when we stayed in the Westin a couple of years ago we went to The Hard Rock Cafe. That is a great place to go with your team if you dont mind waiting a long time for a table.

Although I myself have never been to hooters, you are treated there like you are at any other family bar and grill. I met a few hooters girls myself outside of Hooters and find out surprisingly, the company markets itself as not just a sleazy place where “Animal House” stereotypes can go to get wings. I actually know a couple girls in my dorm who have worked at a Hooters but I specifically haven’t mentioned about it. It’s others who I had met…somehow somewhere.

But still, the meal service is better than let’s say some of your typical college bars–where the food absolutely s*cks during the day and all that is a way to keep staying legally there until the late night.

I am not sure about their food though. As I’ve never been in a Hooters myself.

Well, we’ve never been to Atlanta before, so no.

We’re a co-ed team (although we only have 3 girls going with us to Atlanta), but I might bring it up with Meri (One of our mentors/parents, she organizes everything and also knows that Hooters isn’t a bad place) and see what she thinks.

when we went in 2004 they charged us for every thing of blue cheese. it was like rediclous

67 has gone to the ATL Hooters and the one close to our hotel at IRI.
It seemed to be a decent place for high schoolers to me. But if you have people on your team who might in some way be offended by the dress and very friendly behavior of the wait staff, you may want to split up your team and have a group go to another place.
That’s what 67 has done in the past and it’s worked out well.

This year we’re going to Daddy D’s and … Something Chicken and Waffles. I forget the name. We’ve been to hooters before though, nothing wrong with the place.

While 116 hasn’t been to Hooters, I have been to the Hooters in the Atlanta Underground on a band trip.
I’d like to add another vote of confidence for Varsity as well. Great food, great prices, and (most importantly) quick. Absolutely great, I wish 116 was going this year.

Oh no! Breasts!

…and wings.

While I was in high school on team 108, we went to hooters every friday night. Elgin, that is as far you will get closed to seeing hot girls naked, we can understand why you want to go to hooter. =)

Last year we went to the Hooters in Atlanta for lunch on Wednesday and it was just like any other restaurant that we went to. They did start dancing at one point during the time we were there and a student went down to dance with them, but it was all good clean fun. Last year we also went to the Hooters near our hotel for dinner while in South Carolina for the Palmetto Regional.

If you’re looking for controversy, the Hard Rock in Orlando is another story…

**Hey Tytus remember you were with us and the TechTigers when we went to Hooters in SC.

The Varsity is one of those places you have to go or else you truly haven’t been to Atlanta. Make sure to brush up on the Varsity Lingo to make your experience a lot of fun and make people turn their heads and look. :smiley:


Since this is straying from it’s original purpose, but becoming a place to list some other alternate good places to eat which is cool with me, I have to mention Chick-Fil-A in the CNN center food court.

I bought a whole gallon of Iced Tea from them… Like… who has ever heard of such a thing from a fast food restaurant?? Being able to buy a whole gallon of a drink? Not me until 2004 that’s for sure. lol

The only bad thing was that I took it back to my hotel room, and overnight it kind of umm… fermented I guess… lol
The sugar (because it was so sweet) reacted in a not so nice way with the tea and started to actually seperate.
It looked kind of disgusting, but was an interesting side effect and accidental experiment. :ahh:

At the time I didn’t know if it was mold in there from sitting out all night long in our relatively warm room, or just a seperation of tea and sugar, so I just dumped it down the drain.

Oh wells.

I bought a whole gallon of Iced Tea from them… Like… who has ever heard of such a thing from a fast food restaurant?? Being able to buy a whole gallon of a drink? Not me until 2004 that’s for sure. lol

Yup, that’s the South. (not Florida though!)

A couple people from my team went a few years ago, but the team as a whole didnt go. It isnt really a bad place (the one there) But i think its up to the make-up of your team. If there are people who are “suitable” to go then sure, why not. But if not, i would suggest not going.

Yep every year since Nationals has been held in Atlanta. Unless they get a hotel that is too far away from it I think they will go this year as well. :smiley:

A few members snuck off last year, lets just say…they weren’t welcome back this year :wink:

Our Mentor said “Them place is off limits, you ain’z going there”, and well…they did anyways

(Lots of great pics though)