Hat Missing from St. Louis

If anyone took the Go Best shuttle on Sunday morning to the St. Louis airport, and happened to pick up one of the volunteer “grocery” bags thinking it was theirs, and brought it home with them, please check inside to see if there are some cookies and a black top hat! “Jack in the Hat” left it in the shuttle underneath one of the seats when we arrived at the airport. The shuttle bus company did not have it when we called. It’s got great sentimental value and we’d like to have it returned, especially as Jack wears it to emcee all the FIRST competitions up here in the northeast.

Thank you.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Bill Bourn (“Bill_B”) who checked the airport Lost and Found yesterday and retrieved the hat and brought it safely back to Connecticut! Gotta love FIRSTers! :smiley:

Well, how about that! Yay!

Thank you, Bill!



I was very relieved to hear that it was found and returned. I can honestly say that our local competitions would not be the same with out Jack in the Hat!

Wow! What a great ending.