Hatboro-Horsham MAR District Event - 2014

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside…

Pending any changes (unlikely) 1712 and myself will be there!

Now to figure out how to not get roped into volunteering…


With that welcome how could I not say thanks! H-H is an awesome event and 2729 is looking forward to coming back. A lot of great teams have already stepped up to play here in week 1.


We are planning on signing up for Hatboro-Horsham tomorrow for our first district event as a rookie. Looking forward to meeting all of the teams attending.

I am sorry…but I cannot attend your event due to school regulations. We must have handrails in our bleachers. We have chosen to attend Mt. Olive instead. They have adequate and school approved hand rail system so my costumed mustangs can climb to the top row.

We are in compliance with all building codes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but I know your joking…

Ill be volunteering again! It was a great event last year, and I’m looking forward to coming back again.

Hopefully I wont get sick from it this time, though. That wasn’t as great. ::ouch::

Still one space available!!! Come on out, week 1!
We’ll be streaming with a more reliable service this year, and possibly in HD.
More information coming soon!

All initial spaces are filled! This looks like it will be an awesome and exciting competition.

No one tells me about the cool things…:yikes:

Looking forward to load-in tomorrow. Does anyone have any webcast information they can share?

Usually (if I remember correctly) the webcast is done through the Hatboro-Horsham website/their tv station online.

It looks like Team 708 will have it on their website through YouTube: http://www.team708.org/live-stream.html

So how about that competition? It was pretty epic and rigged with a lot of defense. Good job to all the teams that competed

1712 had a blast at this event. 708 did a spectacular job as hosts, as we’ve come to expect. Thanks to all the teams who helped make it a great competition. Particular thanks to 1640 for helping us solve our LabView issue on Saturday morning and 708 for letting use their machine shop to fabricate a couple replacement parts. Thanks to 834 for selecting us, and to 103 for being terrific alliance partners. Sorry for our cRio issue in the first QF match, I’ll take responsibility for that one. I must have knocked the power cable loose while ensuring our cat5 cable was plugged in. To 1647, 25, and 2234, it was an honor competing against you guys. You truly were a formidable alliance. 1647, hopefully we can end up on the same side of the glass in the eliminations sooner or later, rather than keep playing each other in the quarterfinals. Congratulations to 2590 for once again captaining a winning alliance. You guys are becoming the team to beat in MAR rather quickly. Congrats to our friends on 272 and 341 as well, what a stacked alliance you formed. Certainly congratulations to 1218 for your continued excellence that serves as an inspiration to us all. Can’t wait to compete at your district in a couple weeks.

On behalf of Team 341, I just wanted to thank Team 708 for hosting such an amazing event. It gets better every year.
Also congratulations to **Team 1218 **for another well deserved Chairman’s win and it was awesome to see Team 25 get the EI Award.

Another special thank you to Kristian Calhoun for helping our young programmers to straighten out our code. You are a life saver.

Way back in 2000, when I was a rookie coach, a powerful team from Lansdale (Team 272) took a leap of faith by selecting an untested Rookie Team from Ambler. I have never forgotten how excited I was to be selected by you. It was very rewarding to have the chance to work with you again this weekend. I was very happy when 2590 chose you to partner with us. 15 years later you guys are still amazing.

Our deepest appreciation however goes out to **Team 2590 ** for having the faith in our team and the vision to see that we were steadily improving each match. It was an honor to work with you this past weekend.

This was team 5113’s first ever event, and I just wanted to say that we could not have anticipated the warm welcome we received. Everyone was supportive and encouraging to both our mentors and our students. In particular, I wanted to thank team 708 for being such gracious hosts, team 1647 for helping us through inspection, and everyone else who came up throughout the weekend to check in on us.

The students were thrilled that their robot could compete with the big kids, but nothing overshadowed the spirit of the thing. I cannot emphasize enough how welcome we felt, how encouraged we were, and how much our students appreciated all of it. This is an incredible organization and competition. If any of you are heading out to Seneca on the 22nd, we’ll see you there!