Hatch panels getting stuck in loading station


FRC Engineering has already made a modification to the loading station prior to week 1. The modifications were supposed to have been made before the field was set up by the FTA. It is possible these current issues of binding and falling straight out are due to either over or under tightening of the fasteners.



The field crew at our event (Haymarket VA) told us that the reason it happened earlier was because the spacing wasn’t enough between the walls that the hatch panels fell through. They said they were given a sort of spacer that they used to add space between the walls. It still happened to us during one of our matches and we were told to hit on the wall until it was released


I believe there is. We had more of the opposite problem at Palmetto. Some hatches dropped very high in the slot would bounce out. To fix that, they suggested we slide the hatch to a low spot in the slot before releasing.

Field reset people fixed some of the stuck hatches by reaching into the field to free them. They tried to fix the jams by adding some more plastic to stiffen the back panel.



We had the problem of them falling right out at Palmetto as well


Drive coach for 1515. @AlexSwerdlow posted a pic of what caused a replay of Q3M2 at Orange County yesterday due to a field fault. It happened twice (IIRC) to 1836 during elims.


I had a somewhat relatable experience with our team at Kettering 1. I had my experienced human player student dropping and had 2 in a row fall straight out in separate occasions it got to the point I asked a volunteer to do a quality check on the equipment because they were not staying in the loading station at all.


Right side station on the red alliance wall? It was giving our human player trouble for most of the event. FTA didn’t seem to mind some “gentle” tapping towards the bottom of the wall in addition to the recommended pressing inside the loading cutout. We also had some weird misalignment that caused the hatch to just roll out on a few different stations.


Right side red and left side blue seemed to both be a little less forgiving than left red and right blue. Not sure why.


Just be sure not to violate H16


Happened to us in SFs of GSDE, human player hit/kicked the station to get it free while the ref pried it out with their flag stick.

Next SF match the peg de-laminated from the our other alliance station and hatches were just falling onto the floor.

We also saw several hatch panels bouncing out of the station. Dropping the panels as gently and low as possible helped this though.


I worked field reset at FIM Milford and this happened. This happened due to the spacing between the walls where the hatch slides down, it would get stuck at a few different locations. Additionally teams are placing hatch panels to hold cargo in place, and sometimes this tightens that space even more. Field reset is being instructed to inform teams to hit on the glass which dislodges the panel and allows it to fall. This is not in violation of the rule.


I saw them a lot at the IN District St. Joe Event. It was really irritating were almost any amount of taping and in some cases kicking the loading station, rarely ever got that hatch to become unstuck.


Here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/392910220?t=02h46m54s Is a match where you can easily see it was stuck during a semi-final match. The alliance was told it was not a field problem because it worked before the match.


After field supervising 2 events, I’ve seen three sources of the issue:

  1. The robot is inside the hatch opening and blocks the hatch when it is rolling down. Always keep your robot clear when loading a hatch.
  2. Only load one hatch at a time. (I’m surprised how many times this happened)
  3. Make sure the velcro is not folded back on the hatches. The field staff check this, but if the sticky side is out even slightly, it sometimes will adhere to the polycarb and keep the hatches from rolling out.


This happened in Indiana at the St. Joseph Event. I saw human players kicking the station to Lodge the HP.


I saw that too, but never saw anyone get a penalty for it. They were kicking pretty hard too.


This happened in one match at CPR last week. The human player at that station didn’t do anything to try to dislodge it and didn’t try loading more Hatch Panels. I’m pretty sure she did load more Cargo balls.


We had this happen at the Gainesville event week one and were instructed to drop another hatch panel through the slot to push the first one into place. I was under the impression the decision came directly from first. The field crew made adjustments to the feeder station after the match that seemed to fix the problem. We never had another hatch panel jam so I’m not sure what the dynamics of unjamming by dropping another panel looks like.


We had an issue with the audience side red loading station at IN St Joe continually dropping panels out onto the floor.