Hatch Panels Only

How likely do you think it would be for a single robot to place all available hatch Panels in a match? Will we ever see it happen?

How about just 14(cargo ship and one rocket)?

The max amount needed would be 6+6+8=20 right. That’s would be impressive

The matches are 2 minutes and 30 seconds, so that’s one per 7.5 seconds.

I think it’s pretty likely.

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In ideal conditions, sure. However, some good defence would make it so much harder. And the limits of what can be done in the beginning sandstorm and time needed for any hab climbing would give you even less time.

I forgot about that time. Still, the other two robots could play defense against the opponent’s defense.

We calculated a cycle time of 12 seconds per game element. Under ideal conditions and practice, I would bet teams could do it. it will probably bet more common after the first couple weeks.

Alliances managed 9+ gears in a match in 2017, running cycles across the field with major chokepoints and sightline problems, with defenders working the gear drops in front of their own alliance station. And threading those pegs with a gear was much more difficult than this is going to be.

If a top tier alliance wanted to seal all the hatches, they could do it. The trick is going to be balancing hatches sealed with cargo scored, since cargo’s worth more, but can’t score without a hatch cover.


@j-james especially with probably the shortest human player run distance in years.

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