Hats Off For Cancer

This year Team 3168 has been hosting a Hats Off for Cancer hat drive. Where we are collecting new hats for children with Cancer.

The team has decided that they would like to continue their hat drive at World Championships. If your team would like to help- Stop by our pits to donate or get more information!


We will be in Newton!

What kind of hats are you looking for? Most of my hats are baseball type with like company logos on them.
PM me if these will work.

Those are perfect! What we are looking for are new hats of any kind for children undergoing cancer treatment. This helps “hide” their loss of hair and gives them a sense of normalcy.

They have to be new since the children’s immune systems are lower due to their chemotherapy treatment.

Will grab some tourist-ee hats in Atlanta and bring them to you.

Awesome! thanks!

What was the total hat count for the Championship?

Thank you to everyone that came by our pit to bring us hats!

We will have a full count tomorrow at school!

We received 69 hats at World Championships! Thanks to all that donated!