Hats off to team 223

I would just like to take the time to tell everyone what happened. Our last match of the qualifying rounds was with us(219) and team 223. We were doing fine, but 223 had been having mech. problems. The 2 teams decided that to win, we could climb, and 223 would block other teams from using the 2X ball. They sat in 43 place, they knew that they were not going to finish well. They wanted very badly to hang, they had not been able to do so. But to keep us in our position, they blocked the other robots, rather than do what they deeply wanted. We ended up winning the match, thanks to 223 not letting the opposition cap the goal. We were floored that they were willing to give up their best capabulity to keep us up there. To thank them for their sacrafice, we chose them to play with us in the elim’s. Dispite our mech failure during our second match, 223 still did an unbelievable job defending and blocking.

This is the most curtious and sacraficial thing i have ever been a part of.
I speak for the rest of me team when i thank team 223 deeply for their effort to keep us going, and at the #2 spot

THANKYOU so much

Marcus Hicken
team 219

things like this are exactly what dean and woody expected and wanted when they designed FIRST. I love seeing teams help each other out. That was my teams main goal this year (to help others out).