Have any teams ever won Championships their rookie year?

Has a team ever gone on to win championships their rookie year?

Not in the alliance era

126 did it in 1992.

Excluding the 1992 teams. Since they where all rookies.

148 did it in 1993.

Looks like their rookies year was 1992

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We (Team 100) did it in 1995. https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/100/1995

We were also the first team on the West Coast. :smiley:

My bad, but 144 still did it in 1994.

Cool. Are their any others?

That’s two teams. Team 144 in 1994 and Team 100 in 1995. Any others?

Most rookies have enough trouble getting to Einstein. 3138 made it there in 2010, out in semis. 2753 made it the year before and met the same fate. And 4334 ran into Einstein 2012* and was out in semis.

*Y’all can look up the Einstein 2012 Report and discussions after build.

Also technically 5136 - Mechapirates made it to Einstein finals in 2014, (their rookie year) even though their bot never touched elimination carpet at worlds.

Teams in their rookie season who have played a match on Einstein since 2004:

#	Name			Year	Finish

frc1388	Eagle Robotics		2004	SF
frc2753	Team Overdrive		2009	SF
frc3138	Innovators Robotics	2010	SF
frc3357	COMETS			2010	SF
frc4334	Alberta Tech Alliance	2012	SF

a rookie was on the winning alliance at the Michigan state championship last year

Hey, it touched the carpet! In a practice/test match though…

Are you only interested in FRC or are you interested in the answer for FTC as well?

We didn’t make it anywhere near championships, but I’m proud of our team being an alliance captain at our regional last year (our rookie year) despite having almost zero funding.

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