Have BAG motor inventory?

I’m in need of 10 VEX BAG motors as spares for my university’s rover headed to the NASA robotic mining competition in a couple of weeks (we used 6 spares during the competition last year, so I’m trying to be prepared).

Silly me should have ordered before the triple-champs weekends because VEX is now out of stock.

I can either return them to you if unused after the competition, or replace them with new ones if we need to use them (once they come back into stock at VEX).

So, if you have an inventory of new BAGs and are willing to help, give me a shout and we’ll work out the details.



It looks like West Coast Products has them in stock. http://www.wcproducts.net/motors

Aidan, The Robot Space also appears to have them in inventory. They are based in Michigan and would likely be able to get them to you faster than California. http://www.therobotspace.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1870

Thanks for the find!