Have Orbitz Balls, Will Sell.

Hey everyone, MARS, team 2614, in Morgantown, WV has scooped up all the orbitz balls in our area. Because there are no other teams near us, we have excess. If any team is in need of them please contact me at SlaminSwimster@aol.com or my mentor at escime@wvu.edu

What price are we talking here?

Its good to have multiple balls because they break easily, but you can buy them at walmart for $10

$10 at walmart, yes, but if this team is offering them for less I’d see no reason to get them here while you can.

All depends on their price.

Us, well, we probably won’t need anymore, as it seems almost every corner we turn, there’s one hiding there…:ahh:

Sorry guys for right now were out if we obtain any more i’ll let you know.

I KNEW some one was going to do this. it is smart opppa

we have obtained some more balls so anyone who needs them please contact me.