Have problem on returning the camera image back to the driver station.

Hi everyone.

The problem I met is stated as the title. Currently I could retrieve the image from the browser which by input the IP address of the camera directly. But the image supposed to return to the driver station, what shall I do to solve this problem??

Thank you!

Did you run the AxisCamera Setup Utility located on your Classmate’s desktop?

yes, but it came out with some errors. How can I deal with it?

Make sure your camera’s ip is default, and that safe mode on the cRIO is enabled. From there, plug directly in to your robot’s access point (or radio, whatever floats your boat) with a crossover cable and try running the setup utility again. If that fails, try completely resetting your cRIO and enabling safe mode.

I’ve heard rumors that a crossover cable isn’t necessary, but we couldn’t get it to work without it. So if all else fails, just try a normal ethernet cable instead.

Neither the camera or the cRIO support auto-sense. So, you have to use the correct cable – patch or crossover. If either device on attached to the cable will auto-sense, then you no longer care what type of cable.

If you are plugging the camera into port 2 of the cRIO, use for the camera IP and use a cross-over.

If you are plugging the camera into the dlink, the IP should be based on the team number and it doesn’t matter what type of cable. You also need to change the driver station to ask for the jpg or mjpg directly and not expect the cRIO to deliver it.

Greg McKaskle