Have you cleaned your team's storage closet lately?

I found packets of unopened light cream that came with the numerous "box of Joe"s that we bought from Dunkin Donuts right before shipping.

Kinda makes you wonder what you’ll find…

…we emptied out our entire closet on tuesday. It is amaising what you can find. Brand new Victors that were never used. Motors that you were looking for about 4 months ago. It’s crazy that you can accumilate that much crap in 3 years and not throw it away.

We have 10 years of junk… and treasure accumulated in our closet (a tech classroom at the High School). One day i was going through there looking for something and i come across a box labeled “the 1st, FIRST robot”…:eek:
Sure enough I popped that baby open and there she was in all her glory. The ever so humble beggining of our team… the Maize Craize bot…

Haha, i never really realized how small they used to be until i held it in my hand…

I think we have all our bots except 1… the 94 bot…

~John #250

I like cleaning out closets

in response to davids post, i would like to say that he barely put in the amount that i ended up with on that closet and it was very messy!!!

ust joking david you worked hard to. just remember noone is on the team yet. hahahahaha

What closet??? I don’t recall having a closet to put anything in. Thats right… we don’t even have our own room to put stuff in. Our robot is in this little room with all the old science equipment in the basement of one of our buildings. :o

Jeff “in the team with absolutely nothing” Wong

I found amazing stuff- even though this is only our second year in the comp-

4 Victors that my electronics team said were missing
a extra battery (where the heck did that come!!!)
A shoe ???
and remnants of our first robot that died a horrilbe post motrum exercise to figure out what happened!!!


Found some fireplace management equipment while cleaning our Practice Facility earlier this year…the only weird thng I saw.


My favorite “closet” story is when I got to visit Gerry’s secret area. It was 2000 and we were looking for old drill motors from previous robots (you know the typical nite before ship something blows and you are like OH CRAP!). Anyways it was my good friend Tom and I, we were Alums of the team @ this point back as “adults” and a bunch of the “shop guys.” Our head advisor on the corporate side @ the time Gerry was like “you to come with me” so we followed him out to the back of the shop up on a mezanine(sp?). He then stopped us @ the top of the stairs and swore us to secrecy from the actually kids, and took us into “Gerry’s Secret Area.” It was a glorious place…about 3 of 4 “kit sized” bins worth of FIRST stuff spaning th years of like 93-2000. That is when I saw the 93 joysticks, and control boxes, for the first time. All kinds of stuff…not to mention the various disassembled chasis’, etc. from previous robots :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Needless to say that the deam disband the following year and those bins of parts are now in Gerry’s basement :slight_smile: :slight_smile: so :wink: :wink:

That’s my story…


I was given the task last year of cleaning out our closet. I opened to the door only to have twenty small yellow and black balls from last year, three floppies, and one huge ball from our first year all fall on me. Then there were six large boxes of…well…junk that the pit crew decided belonged together in a box. At least I didn’t get the job of sorting it all!
This year we don’t even have a closet, but, then again, we’re blessed to have a whole buidling for our usage (kudos to Mr Noel of SFHS for getting it for us). We just kinda pile stuff everywhere along the sides of the buildling. It’s great! lol Maybe someday I can teach our engineers the fine art of organization. Maybe not. But, hey, I get points for trying, right?

organizations way overrated
mike whos proud to not be organized at all

oof cleaning out the robotics closet was a real pain for us. all the poof balls, aluminum bits, broken pieces of lexan, even spare change were found in the mess.
at the end the trash weighed in at about 50 pounds

You know, all these “useless” objects like old motors or victors or stock aluminum would probably come in real handy for a rookie team looking for a head start in the fall offseason…

Wow, yet another resurrection, anyway we found a book full of CAD drawings from 2001, the Volcanic Panic Fliers from FLL, and we also found A Brochure for PARC IV

1293 cleaned out its storage closet in the preseason. Many parts in the room weren’t even the team’s, just cast-offs from various things (various 486-era computer components, bolts as big as your arm, etc.). We cleared it out nicely.

We cleaned our shed out last week becuase they are bulldozing that area and are building a new science building. They are giving us a special room (SCORE).
In the shed we found a barbcue grill, charcoal, stage lights, drama props.
That is downstairs which is noting, Upstairs we had TONS of wood and PVC.
So now all of this stuff is in our shop. We can no longer see the floor. The floor has been elevated about 2-3 feet by plywood. I wil lpost a pic later. TO get to the lights you need to get a harness and scal these mountains (not really). But it is bad.

Sweet! :smiley: I wish WCC would give us a special room, with lots of pre-carpeted space for driving practice.

The last couple of years the X-Cats did a cleanup and reorganization of the site. Found alot of old buttons, a 96 Beatty robotics trucker cap, a Robbie extreme bandanna, lots of old giveaways and noisemakers (I really wish we didn’t find those clickers. They are super obnoxious) and even some old banners.

hmm… we were also recently evicted from our workshop so we had to get out. i finally found all our allen wrenches… we were missing over 6 full sets. also found were 3 rolls of duct tape, 2 sets of drill biits, and a marker board eraser

In September 166 had a super closet clean out.

It took 3 days to complete.

Friday night we tore everything out of the closet and brought it out into our work space. Saturday we started sorting through everything, throwing away things we don’t need.

Sunday we put it all back. It’s a lot cleaner and easier to find stuff.