Have you ever....?

This is the game that is like the other thread called “the person above you”, but you ask the person…“Have ou ever…” then that person answers the question above them then, they haveta make up a question. get it? cool. lets start! lol

Have you ever petted a llama? (everything i start with has something to do with llamas lol)

Could of, would of, should of…

Have you ever wanted to cook food using your car engine?

OFCOURSE! I have heard of people that have…

Have you ever petted a pink pony?

No…do they even exist?

Have you ever driven a FIRST robot?

Of course!

Have you ever been so frustrated with calc homework to the point of imagining sin4x as linux?

yes…and it was a bad experince lol lets just say I almost took someones ankle off lol

Have you ever wanted to jump off the Sears Tower onto a big huge blue fluffy matt?

Hmm … not really. And none of the Matts I know are all that big, huge, or fluffy.

Have you ever tried to write 50,000 words in your novel, in 30 days?


Have you ever tried to learn Klingon?


Have you ever heard this question before?

I don’t know… it sounds familiar…

Have you ever built your own computer (as in bought the hardware and put it together piece by piece)?


Have you ever built something that included an internal combustion engine?

No… but i sure would like to…

Have you ever read this thread to your gf while you are talking on the phone with her? :rolleyes:

No, I dont mix robots and girls. lol

Have you ever hacked your school network?

Yes, more than once.

Have you ever eaten baked potatoes and sushi in the same meal?


Have you ever been a ref at a FIRST competition?


hav u evr gotn pissed at ppl who typ lik this or sumthin of te srt :smiley: ?


Have you ever flown a plane?

Yep, I folded it myself.

Have you ever changed the world?

Arguably, yes.

Have you ever ridden a unicycle?

Yes – tried and failed miserably.

Have you ever dropped you cell phone in a toilet?