Have you ever....?


have you ever shaved your head bald?


have you ever drank something only to realise it was expired after you have finished the whole thing? – I have, one to many times.

Have had that happen.

Does anyone in the forums play with a Gens emulator?

No, sorry sega-dude. =P

Has anyone not played Halo 2 yet? :rolleyes:


Have you ever spent a lot of money to buy something only to find out that your parents got it for you in advance?


Have you ever said “I am JVN!” in school?

nope lol but i will one day lol

Have u ever wanted to eat spaghetti with sprinkles on top?

umm no and ewww

have you ever wondered why jimmy cracks corn even thought no one cares?

nope. never cared lol

have u ever blamed someone for your own mistake only to learn it was theirs anyways but you thought it was your own and so blamed them to cover up for this mistake that was really their…


Have you ever been a cowboy or cowgirl for Halloween? or just for fun?

No, but i am known for putting bags over my head at halloween…

have u ever taken an english test with a graphing calculator out to “help”?

I don’t think a calculator made it’s way into any of my english classes… lol

Have you ever bungee jumped? < did!

no… but I’ve thought about it.

Have you ever knitted something?
(I just learned… curious.)

No, I can only drive robots. It is my only talent…

Have you ever ridden in a KC-135?


Have you ever held living snake that weighed more than 30 pounds?

Yes. At least I think it was over 30lbs. At Lion Country Safari down in FL (don’t think it exists anymore). I was 10 or so and the snake was huge :slight_smile: .

Have you ever gone to space camp?

No, but I saw the movie… I think… It was in the 80’s. I don’t remember to much of the 80’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever sang Karaoke? I did.

Sadly yes…It was in New Jersey last year when I sang backup for other orbotics members during a pitiful performance of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Have you ever been called by the name of a cartooon character? (I am often called Jimmy Neutron)

Yes, of coarse. Shadow was seen on Sonic X.

Have you ever used the Game Maker program?

no I just play them…I leave the designing to the pros like VGMasterShadow :wink: and the EA sports people haha

A&W or Barqs root beer