Have you ever?

Wanted some sweet FIRST related t-shirts?

Wanted to help eliminate AIDS in Africa?

Wondered how to write an essay for the SAT?

Needed Help with your homework?

Well have I got something for you!!

Check back on this thread sometime in the next week and I’ll have a link that will help you do all of these things and more!

huh? :confused:

May I ask:

Why not just create this thread once you have a link?

Agreed. ^

It’s called building hype. It’s a classic example of applied marketing, but usually reserved for something that’s already expected…

Not to give too much away gentlemen, but I don’t have the link yet, and I need to get you all excited for what is coming before it gets here, or else it won’t do any good.

starts chanting HYPE! HYPE! HYPE! HYPE!

I’m just curious as to how those 4 items will become connected…

okay everyone!! The time to reveal has arrived!!! Go to precisionguessworks.org and check out the (PG)^RED link. Then look at the (PG)^RED Store on Write2College.com. Make sure to tell your friends!!!

Cool shirts. Ship happens, and the Black “2.17.09” Shirts are my fav. You should have no problem selling them!