Have you found your TIER?

Have you found your TIER?

Read on usfirst.org- http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2004/tierlist.htm
“Teams can access the year they last attended the Championship in the Team Information and Management System used for registration. Teams that are qualified to register will have access to Championship registration starting noon Eastern time on October 22, 2003. Please note that only teams that Prequalify and teams in Tiers 3 - 6 will be able to register as of the 22nd. FIRST will open registration to teams in Tier 2 on November 5, 2003. Information on Tier 1 and Rookie Tier registration will be made available at a future date. The year each team last attended the Championship is part of TIMS and your team should verify that information prior to the opening of Championship registration. To view a list of teams in each tier, click here.

Well, I have some very disappointed NYC teams…
and some very happy teams too.

We have found our tier, and we have registered, although we will be withdrawing our registration in hopes of attending the Phoenix regional instead.

Considering we were at Nationals last year, we probably don’t have a chance of going again this year. Right now, we’re planning on going to the Detroit Regional (already signed up :)) and one out-of-state regional (possibly the South Carolina one).

Now, we’ve just got to hope we can make it into Nationals by winning…