Have you had issues imaging your RoboRIO this year?

Was just wondering about this for a while. This isn’t scientific at all so all the statisticians can feel free to explain why this is pointless below.

Did you have issues imaging your RoboRIO this year?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you selected yes, leave a comment below telling me if you always have some sort of issue or this was a unique occurrence.

Really, this poll means nothing because I have no previous data to compare too but I just have an inkling that quite a few teams had an issue with it this year.

For our experience, we went through two RoboRIOs that broke (would not be detected by the imaging software, status light issues, etc.) after never having an issue before. Third one worked well and I still need to use the recovery files they sent me to fix our bricked ones.

I suspect this issue contributed to imaging issues this season.

Yeah, we had this issue initially, but on our 2nd RoboRIO (with an updated rio imaging software) it still had issues.

We ran into this specific issue. One of our Rios got bricked. We had to open a case with NI to get a recovery boot file, which allowed us to reimage it.

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