Have you had issues imaging your RoboRIO this year?

Was just wondering about this for a while. This isn’t scientific at all so all the statisticians can feel free to explain why this is pointless below.

Did you have issues imaging your RoboRIO this year?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you selected yes, leave a comment below telling me if you always have some sort of issue or this was a unique occurrence.

Really, this poll means nothing because I have no previous data to compare too but I just have an inkling that quite a few teams had an issue with it this year.

For our experience, we went through two RoboRIOs that broke (would not be detected by the imaging software, status light issues, etc.) after never having an issue before. Third one worked well and I still need to use the recovery files they sent me to fix our bricked ones.

I suspect this issue contributed to imaging issues this season.

Yeah, we had this issue initially, but on our 2nd RoboRIO (with an updated rio imaging software) it still had issues.

We ran into this specific issue. One of our Rios got bricked. We had to open a case with NI to get a recovery boot file, which allowed us to reimage it.

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We had a few issues with the imaging tool on our rio 2.0s and spent a few days going through java, gradle, and WPIlib versions trying to make them work together. We ended up having to set the team number through the WPIlib team number setter instead of the rio imaging tool and it worked.

New problem today. No idea if its the rio but: randomly today while driving the controls inverted and left was forward and forward was left. We rebooted the robot, resent the code, switched controllers, switched drivers stations, and even sent a totally different drivetrain code and yet the problem persisted. Finally I brought out our test chassis that is identical minus it is run by a rio 1.0 and the thing drove flawlessly. Tomorrow I’m trading rio 1.0 onto the comp bot to see if thats the problem. We spent 3 hours checking every bit of code, wiring, and firmware and at this point my only explanation is its the rio. If anyone else has a guess I’m all ears!

In your code, make sure you’re restoring all of the motors to factory defaults before inverting them.

Update: we discovered our school tech department installed some AI antivirus on our drive station laptops that was fighting the NI and WPIlib tools.

We’ve had a bear of a time with the RoboRio 2s. We’ve had no issues with RoboRio 1s (this year or in the past).

Maybe this is just the 2 we ordered, but I’m not liking the MicroSD cards much right now. The MicroSD card slot doesn’t seem very robust and doesn’t behave like other devices that have MicroSD cards. Other devices (RPi, Card Readers, etc.) have a “springiness” and you have to be careful when ejecting the card. With our RoboRio2s, we’ve had:

  • Cards fall out of the RoboRio when it is turned over

  • Cards get stuck in the RoboRio MicroSD card slot (get a tweezers to pull them out)

  • Many different errors when imaging the RoboRio (imaged one successfully during beta, but with the new image, we’ve been having issues re-imaging it)

At this point, I don’t know if we’ll run a RoboRio 1 or a RoboRio 2 at competitions the whole MicroSD card issue and the failure modes associated with it are making us uneasy right now.

Worked with Rio 2.0 first time today. Many problems imaging. What’s funny is that our SD card is shot to the moon when we try to take it out. It flies!

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